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At the beginning was Art Production, artists and performers group such as Luciano Parisi, Pino Strabioli, Vladimir Guadagno, professional named Luxuria,  Giorgio Gigliotti, Antonio Marcasciano and many others.
This unique breeding ground for artists and young talents menaged by a modern patron as Luciano Parisi, was composed of original artists and a special life experience related to the genius of the characters which revolve around the laboratory of Testaccio in Rome.
In south Italy Parisi and Lamorgese reach to enlerge their collection with works of design and sculptures, to enhance essential materials such as stone and iron, but especially also lead to photography and the concept of extemporaneous.

Early 90s an experience at City of Westminster College London, an exhibition of photographic works by students, provides the birth of the brand Image Event, which will move quickly to Galleria dei Serpenti Monti district, in Rome.
Throught the collaboration with the graphic designer Massimo Crisafulli, Image Event starts its way with exposures collective, musical events, exhibitions and exhibition market, retraining new contemporary expressions and many emerging artists.